Is the Netherlands on Your Radar for University?


Leiden, near Leiden University

While the UK has long been an obvious direction for international school students, the Netherlands – with more bachelor programs taught in English than any other non-Anglophone country – now seem more attractive than ever. Brexit suddenly throws many unknowns into the future about if and when EU students be charged international fees or subject to changing admissions standards. Even before Brexit, the number of UK students enrolled at Dutch universities is increasing steadily given the comparable quality but the lower price tag. Students from Switzerland are also recognizing the Netherlands as an option to include for a bachelor program.

After touring ten Dutch universities in April 2016, Marilyn is excited to help spread word about great options in the Netherlands for international school students. Her article “Focus on The Netherlands for Higher Education” recently appeared in International School Parent Magazine.

Useful Websites – Overview of the country, the educational system, admissions requirements, scholarships, working while studying, visas, etc.

Guide for IB students considering higher education in the Netherlands – published by the IBO  – Search for Dutch programs taught in English by location, institution, and subject. – Register for Dutch university applications. – Data from student reviews but only in Dutch.

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