Jan 212015

It is late January and most students, having submitted their university applications for the US or the UK, breathe a huge sign of relief and are in the waiting phase. Others may have aimed very high and are not confident they will get into any of the universities where they applied. Or perhaps there were reasons why the student is getting a very late start on the process. Most application deadlines for universities in the US and the UK have passed, but it is not generally too late to apply if you want more options to start university next fall.  Here are some possibilities to consider:

  1. late white rabbitCheck out this article from Money magazine for a list of top US bachelor programs with late application deadlines.  Or, check this CommonApp grid for colleges and universities that have late deadlines or that have rolling admissions.
  2. What about the UK? Some courses continue to take applications after the deadline if they still have room, but it is best to call and ask first.
  3. Many universities in Canada, Switzerland and other European countries have admissions deadlines in the sprint, including many European bachelor programs taught in English. The EUNICAS website provides a directory of English-language bachelor programs in Europe and is a good place to look for more options.

If you are not happy with the set of applications you have submitted, don’t give up yet. Although applying to too many different places is not recommended, and you definitely should not apply to any institution you are unwilling to attend, it is not too late to find more viable options for university study next fall.

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